Quality as our foundation

Carryingmate Trucking embodies our shared passion for vehicles and engineering. Our rapid success is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and our skill in fostering strong client relationships.

While we primarily operate behind the scenes, supplying industry giants, our growth has been impressive, expanding to three global manufacturing facilities— with a fourth slated for 2024. Our key partners in the USA, China, and Vietnam empower us to take on projects from anywhere, alongside you.

View our milestones and accomplishments below!

Our history

For nearly two decades, we've been expertly crafting premium custom parts.


Laying the Foundation

In November, Shenzhen Carryingmate was founded, carving out its niche as a specialist in distribution and export. Our expertise spans a wide array of products, including electronic wearables, air tools, air nailers, wheels, and an impressive range of heavy-duty truck and trailer air and electrical system components.


Expanding Horizons

A significant milestone emerged in May with the establishment of our first branch, Carryingmate Industrial Hongkong Co. LTD, located in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. This expansion marked the inception of a thriving trading company, further enhancing our global presence.


Engineering Excellence

Throughout the year, Carryingmate continued its quest for innovation and introduced essential products, catering specifically to North American heavy-duty trucks and trailers:

  • Anti-Vibration bar.
  • Steel alloy Gladhand.
  • Hose clamp

All are meticulously designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.


Expanding Our Impact

Building on the momentum of previous years, 2010 marked a significant milestone as we kicked off production for essential heavy-duty truck and trailer products tailored specifically for the North American market:

  • The SAE J560 standard seven-core electric coiled cable, plug, and socket.

These additions represent our unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality solutions that meet the unique needs of our North American customers.


A Year of Expansion and Innovation

In response to the growing needs of our North American customers and our commitment to company growth, we established Carryingmate Industrial USA as a subsidiary, with a strong emphasis on heavy truck parts, air tools, and strategic partnerships in the field of Airport ground support equipment.

Expanding our offerings further, we introduced:

  • A North American standard tow bar for heavy-duty trucks and trailers.
  • An aluminum coupler compliant with SAE J318 standards.
  • A steel coupler compliant with SAE J318 standards.

These additions mark our dedication to continuous improvement in the trucking industry and ensure we meet the evolving demands of our valued clients.


Continuing Excellence

We embarked on the ambitious journey of developing and producing coiled air brake tubes meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous standards of SAE J844 and FMVSS 571.


A Year of Growth and Collaboration

This transformative year brought several significant milestones:

  • Achieving the ISO:9001 and TS:16949 certification, a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality.
  • The establishment of the Phillips Industry Partnership, leading to the creation of Phillips China Auto Parts Inc. in collaboration with Phillips Industries Inc., a distinguished California corporation, solidifying our presence in the industry.
  • Awarded Tier 1 supplier agreement with Volvo, solidifying our position in the industry.
  • Secured Tier 1 supplier agreement with CIMC, further enhancing our reputation.


Expanding Horizons

Demonstrating our unwavering dedication to enhancing customer service, Shenzhen Carryingmate introduced Carryingmate Ningbo Auto Parts Inc. in August. This strategic move is geared towards offering specialized assistance to Southeast Asia and the U.S. after-market for heavy-duty truck and trailer parts. This venture fills us with pride, as it involves the ownership of another location, encompassing a comprehensive manufacturing campus equipped with offices, warehousing, manufacturing, assembly, and testing facilities.

We're thrilled to serve Jeep enthusiasts, as Carryingmate Industries USA introduced Chisel Off-road, a specialist in aftermarket wheels and tires, offering top-notch solutions for Jeep owners.

Pioneered as the first Chinese manufacturer to earn Tier 1 supplier status for Daimler Germany, enabling direct shipment to Daimler Germany's manufacturing facility.


Broadening Our Team

A decade after the inception of Carryingmate Trucking, and a mere six years following the launch of our US subsidiary, we accomplished remarkable expansion by establishing our dedicated US warehouse and offices in Rancho Cucamonga.


Scaling New Heights

Recognizing the significance of a global manufacturing presence, we propelled our international expansion forward by establishing a manufacturing facility, warehouse, and offices in Vietnam.


Earning Trust & Distinction

In a significant achievement, Daimler Truck, a global leader in commercial vehicle manufacturing, proudly awarded us the prestigious award of Tier 1 Supplier recognition for our coiled cables and connectors within their Asia division.


Vision For Tomorrow

With the rapid success of establishing our Vietnam location, just two years later, we further expanded by purchasing land and embarking on the construction of a comprehensive integrated manufacturing facility. This facility includes a warehouse, office space, and a dedicated testing facility.

Benefits our partners value

Global Presence

Put your worries about manufacturing delays to rest by leveraging our three existing manufacturing facilities across three countries, with an additional facility scheduled to come online in 2024.

Precision in Motion

We're thrilled to announce that we've become the first Chinese manufacturer to partner with Daimler AG. These partnerships are a direct result of our impeccable track record for precision and durability.

Built on excellence

Our remarkable growth over the past almost 2 decades is thanks to our loyal clients and our ability to tackle bigger projects. We believe this success stems from the genuine care and personalized attention we give to each and every person we connect with.

Global presence

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