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Below is a sample of some of our top requested parts.

Connecting you across borders

At Carryingmate, we take immense pride in our manufacturing presence spanning three global locations: USA, China, Vietnam, and soon Europe. So, what does this strategic setup mean for you?

It guarantees the utmost security and timely delivery of your products, significantly reducing the chances of delays. In case any unforeseen issue arises, we can swiftly shift production to an alternative warehouse keeping your delivery on track.

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Product lineup

Drain Valve

Angled Gladhands

Straight Gladhands

Shut Off Gladhands

Swinger Gladhands

Coiled Air Assembly


15P to 15P Plug

7N to 15P Plug

Double 15P Plug

ISO Double Plug

Double Check Valve

Hose Holder

Pogo Stick

Tender Spring Kit


ISO Plug Socket

Document Holders

Junction Boxes

Socket Breaker

7-Way Plug

7-Way Socket

4-Way Plug

4-Way Socket

Major production equipment

Die Casting & Machine

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550T Die-casting Machines

350T Die-casting Machines

CNC Machining Centers

CNC Lathes

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Cables & Wiring Harness

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Cable Cutting Machines

Injection Machines

Crimping Machines

Ultrasonic Splice Welders

Continuity Machines

Cable Rolling System


Wire Extrusion

Wire Standing


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300T Injection Machines

260T Injection Machines

160T Injection Machines

120T Injection Machines

100T Injection Machines

Valve & Cable Assembly

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Cable Assembly Lines

Valve Assembly Lines

Computerized Air Leakage Tests

Optical Inspection Device

We're always working to enhance our product offerings, ensuring we've got just what our customers need. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Reach out for custom requests.

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How we work with you


Let's sit down to grasp your business and needs, showcasing our distinctive capabilities.


Arranging a dedicated session for both teams to carefully align on product specifics, ensuring optimal application of our expertise.


We'll craft multiple copies of your envisioned product for thorough inspection and iterative enhancements as necessary.


To cater to your requirements, we either conduct in-house tests or collaborate with global third-party laboratories for comprehensive assessments.


Once testing wraps up, we seamlessly transition to large-scale production of your parts.

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